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  • Portable Inverter EF2000iS

    Generator Power; 79 CC OHV 4-Stroke Recoil Start ; Gasoline/ 1.1 Gallon Tank Capacity; 1600 Watts Rated/ 2000 Watts Maximum; 120 Volt AC Voltage/ ; 13 Amps At 120 Volts;...
  • XPower Inverter 1000W GFCI

    XPower inverters are compact, lightweight and can turn your vehicle into a mobile office. Available in a variety of models, XPower inverters convert vehicle battery’s 12-volt DC power into 120-volt...
  • Wheel Kit 2400W

    WHEEL KIT (Fits 2400 watt) Attach a Wheel Kit to your EF2400 for ease of maneuverability.
  • Solar Expansion Kit 95W

    Expand your RV's solar charging kit at anytime just by adding additional solar modules. The GP-RV-95E provides you with an additional 95 watts of power. * 25 year warranty 95...
  • Solar Charge Controller 25A

    Elektra Solar Charge Controllers keep your batteries safe and healthy. Manages incoming voltage from the solar panels and monitors battery charge levels to prevent over charging. Use solar charge controllers...
  • RV Generator Adapter 20A Locking 4-Prong

    Use to connect standard 30A RV cordset to generator equipped with 20A, 4-prong locking receptacle (L14-20P). One-piece unbreakable housing. Weather resistant construction. 30A 125V female. 20A 125V 4-prong locking male....
  • Prowatt SW Inverter 540 Watt

    Power Inverter; PROwatt; Inverts 12 Volt DC To 230 Volt AC; 540 Watts Output/ 1200 Watts Surge; 90 Percent Efficiency; Dual Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets; Remote On/ Off...
  • Portable Solar Kit Battery Charger Adapter

    The Go Power! GP-PSK-SP or PSK Solar Plug Adapter is designed to be used with the PSK line of Portable Solar Kits. This adapter converts from an Anderson connector to...
  • Portable Generator 1000W

    At only 27 pounds the EF1000iSC is the ultimate lightweight generator. It is great for battery charging, televisions, and small appliances. Producing high-quality, clean power, the EF1000iSC's revolutionary Yamaha MZ50...
  • Oil Filter Quiet Diesel HDKCA/B

    Replace your Onan diesel oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and glow plugs on a regular basis. One per box. Refer to Maintenance Chart located later in this section to...
  • Oil Filter Gas & LP Vapor

    Oil Filter Fits Models: Gasoline / HGJAC LP Vapor / HGJAC Gasoline / HGJAB LP / HGJAB EFI / HGJAA LP / HGJAA
  • MC4 Solar Extension Cables 10'

    MC4 solar extension cables are 10 gauge (AWG).
  • Go Power Solar Flex Expansion Kit 100W

    Solar Flex is an efficient and versatile solar kit available in 30, 100 or 200 watt kits and a 100 watt expansion kit. Features high-efficiency solar cells, durable 1/8" thick...
  • Go Power Solar Controllers 10A

    Go Power! solar controllers Regulate current flow from your solar panel to the batteries and include an easy to read digital display, pulse width modulated (PWM) charging, 3 battery charging...
  • Fuel Filter-Diesel Quiet Diesel HDKAJ/K*******

    Fuel Filter Fits Models: HDKAH Quiet Diesel HDCCA / B Quiet Diesel HDKAJ / K Quiet Diesel HDKCA / B Quiet Diesel HDKLA / B HDCAA HDCAB HDKAJ HDKBA HDKCA...
  • Fuel Filter For HGJAB

    Refer to maintenance chart to ensure you have the correct part for your generator spec letter. Note on Image: Filter will have a different part number than what is shown....
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