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  • Thermaheat Holding Tank Heating Pad

    A flexible, peel and stick heating pad for holding and water tanks. Thermostat turns on at 45 degrees F and turns off at 67 degrees F. When properly installed, offers...
  • Sewer Waste Valve

    Sewer Waste Valve

    No siphonage, no noise, no smells! Dry sealing valve prevents the escape of odors from your waste system into your RV and eliminates the need for check vents. Reduces pipe...
  • Safety Pilot Assembly 9" Jade (Atwood)

    Direct factory replacement parts come with complete installation instructions.
  • Heavy Duty Fan Chrome

    Twelve volt, two-speed metal base fan gives you greater airflow for ventilating and defrosting. Corrosion resistant finish, includes hardware and wiring. Designed for heavy off-road use.
  • Ventline or Elixir Replacement Lid White

    The Universal Vents are designed for ease of installation with a wider metal base and wider inside flange to cover the holes from the OEM vent and assure a leakproof...
  • Thermaheat Step/Hold Heating Pad

    Step/holding tank heating pad with thermostat. For use on RV steps or tanks up to 40 gallons. Pad size 7-1/4" x 25", lead wire length 36", 13.5 V, 5.8A. A...
  • Original US Drain Anode

    The Tank-Saver Anode Rod will protect your water heater tank from the damage caused by electrolysis. The Anode Rod is designed to replace the drain plug for easy installation. Purchase...
  • 1#Throwaway Bottle 48" Hose

    Allows connection from the RV female quick disconnect to a portable camping appliance, eliminating the need for a 1 lb. bottle.
  • White Handset

    Enjoy longer showers with this ergonomically designed, handheld showerhead. Convenient on/off switch allows you to pause the flow of water while shampooing, greatly reducing the amount of water used. No...
  • Van Air-Powered Roof Vent Lid Smoke

    The power blower comes with a 12 volt DC motor drawing 2.8 amps. It has a smoke cover and an adjustable colonial white garnish to fit a 1-1/2" to 4-1/2"...
  • The Dominator Sewer Kit

    15 feet sewer kit with elbow Superior drainage, holds its shape after installation. Durable, UV stabilized, rugged poly construction. Convenient, fully assembled and ready to use. Patented rotating fittings.
  • Sturgi-Stay

    The Sturgi-Stay propane adapter kit is used to allow motorhome owners be able to hook their propane system to an auxiliary LP cylinder to avoid the need to move the...
  • Replacement Damper Polar White

    Damper - White Replacement exterior vents and fan blade for 12 volt range hood manufactured by Elixir and Heng's.
  • Non-Powered Metal Vent Roof Vent Metal

    Radius-cornered, 14" x 14" low-profile vents have galvanized steel roof flanges to prevent leaks, removable screens and a one piece heavy galvanized steel dome.
  • Mud Dauber Furnace Screen

    Mud Dauber Screens are an essential companion to your RV furnace. Eliminate costly repairs caused by mud daubers, wasps, mice, etc. These screens will not block air flow to &...
  • Carbon Replacement Water Filter

    Solid block activated carbon replacement cartridge. 0.5 micron nominal for lead, vocUs, giardia eatamoeba, toxoplasma , odor, cyproidium cysts, chlorine, taste, fine sediment and rust particles reduction. Fits most name...
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